I’m still pregnant. I had my blood drawn today by an exceptional nurse. Unfortunately, she is leaving for a different job after today. 😦 She even made my blood work “Priority” so that I could get the results from the hospital today, since Dr. D won’t be back in to office until Monday. My HCG levels are…Drum roll please…10,280.8!!! That’s high for how far along I am but not unheard of, or so Google tells me. 🙂 lol Here’s the break down…

W 11/14/07 HCG 155
F 11/16/07 HCG 555.1
***Sun 11/18/07 should have been HCG 1,100 or there about***
***Tue 11/20/07 should have been HCG 2,200 or there about***
***Thur 11/22/07 should have been HCG 4,400 or there about***
And all that should have put me at HCG 8,800 or there about today.