Part of me is absolutely paranoid that something is going to go wrong. I talked to the nurse in Dr. D’s office yesterday and she congratulated me. 🙂 Then she sent me for blood work. I have to have my HCG and hormone levels checked yesterday, tomorrow and then once a week until they reach 7,000. At that point I will have my first ultrasound to make sure all is well. I’m waiting to hear back about what my levels were yesterday. I’m terrified they are going to call me and tell me that I was wrong, both sticks were wrong and I’m not actually pregnant. Yes, I’m feeling a little anxious right now. 😉 lol

I feel like crap. Part of it is this stupid cold. The other part is pregnancy related stuff. NOTHING sounds good to eat. And I mean nothing. Rob could offer to go anywhere and buy me fast food or anything I want and I wouldn’t have anything to order because it all sounds horrible. I’m exhausted and drinking my weight in fluids. Other than that I’m doing pretty good today. 🙂

We told Gavin the other day that I’m going to have another baby. He said he’s happy for us so long as the baby is a girl. (Hopop-0[ <–Elliott Richard says Hi! lol) He won't say why but he does NOT want another brother. He did tell me yesterday on the way to the pediatrician's office that he will still be happy if he has another brother but he REALLY wants a sister. I told him what I've been telling everyone else, "You'll have to put your request in with God because I have no control over the situation." That of course led to a discussion of "Do you really believe that God has control over that, Mom?" I just love theological discussions with my 7 and a 1/2 year old. lol

Elliott Richard really doesn’t seem to mind that Mommy is pregnant again. Although I think he’ll change his tune when he isn’t getting all the attention he’s used to. lol

I just heard from the OB’s office. My HCG level was 195 and my progesterone was 41.1. She said both are really good and my HCG should double by tomorrow. I have my due date wrong though because at 6 weeks the HCG level should be between 1,000 and 56,000. My HCG level puts me at 4 or 5 weeks, which would make my due date more like July 24th. So now we wait…