Okay so it has been a while since I’ve actually updated…I suppose I should do that now.

Life in general is pretty quiet. No drama except what others bring in from the outside, which I’m trying desperately to limit our exposure to. I woke up this morning with a massive migraine but that’s not what y’all came here to read about.

Gavin is doing fabulously. There hasn’t been a visit since mid-July and the longer we go without them, the better he does. He’s doing well in school. And pretty well at home too. At this point the only stuff we really see from him is Aspergers related. He’s still into Lego’s but has also added roller coasters to his list of fascinations. We are trying to find that fine line between “fascination” and “obsession”. He was a Knight for Halloween and I’ll have post pictures later. We usually go Trick or Treating twice every year. Once at my Mom’s and then again at Rob’s parents’. This year we went to my Mom’s and Trick or Treated but decided to dress up and hand out candy at Rob’s parents’. We hit *maybe* 20-25 houses in my parents’ allotment and it was *insane* how much candy the two of them got! It was a good Halloween. Calm, fun…just what I needed.

Elliott Richard is doing pretty well. For the past 6 months or so he’s been doing this crazy gagging and vomitting thing. Rob and I brought it up at his 18 month well-baby checkup. His ped was concerned and sent him for blood work and a urinalysis. Both of which came out fine. Then he sent us to the local Children’s Hospital for a swallow study with a Speech Therapist. That took about 5 minutes (seriously) and from what they saw it was normal as well.

Then about a month ago, he started having what appeared to be seizures. One night he was standing next to the couch watching Blue’s Clues and he just fell over. He didn’t even try and save himself. Just fell straight back as if he were stiff as a board. We ended up in the Emergency Room for 5 hours that night. They took more blood (normal) and performed a CTScan (normal). Then they woke up our pediatrician at 2am and he said we could go home. That lovely experience was followed by an EEG, which lasted about an hour and was pure torture. I’m *still* finding bits of EEG glue in his hair! We still don’t have the results from the EEG. *sigh* He was a pumpkin/jack-o-lantern for Halloween. The cutest damn pumpkin I’ve ever seen! 🙂 He actually walked most of the 20-25 houses we hit. And then he slept like a log that night! lol