It’s only 9am and it has been a CRAZY day so far. It started at 2am when Gavin came in our room talking about a bad dream. Half way through his story he turned and walked out of the room. Rob made the comment that it was 2am but he had thought it was 7am and time to get up.

A half hour later my alarm went off and I made the comment that time sure flew by. That is until I looked at my phone…it said “Wake up School: 2:39am”. “Wake up School” is the name of my morning alarm, however, it certainly isn’t set for 2:39am. It’s set for 7:45am. I even double checked my saved alarm to be sure that I hadn’t screwed it up. I hadn’t. It was still saved as “Wake up School: 7:45am”. If anyone can explain that to me, I’m willing to listen. lol

Then Gavin woke up (on time this time) complaining of a stomach ache because “last night was the weirdest night ever”. Rob and I hadn’t talked to him yet but we had just been discussing how odd the night before had been. It was just one of those nights that feels off and odd.

So I’m driving Gavin to school and the morning radio program I usually listen to was doing something un-Gavin-friendly so I turned on my favorite country station. They had a psychic on this morning listeners could call in and ask one question. I figured after last night I would give it a shot. Besides the odds that I would get through were slim to none. Maybe not. lol

I got the chance to speak with Miss Bonnie! I had to tell her my first name, birthday and the city I was born in. Then I could ask her one question. I debated between my two major questions…one concerning my legal issues and the other concerning Elliott Richard’s health issues of late. I finally settled on the legal question. Here’s the conversation, it’s not verbatum but it’s as close as I could remember:

Me: I’ve been involved in a legal battle for the past 7 years. What do you see for that situation?
Miss Bonnie: It will work itself out in the next 2 years. In the meantime the angels (angels tell her the information) want you to forget about what’s going on. They don’t want you to get Alzheimer’s but they want you to put it aside and forget about it. They are telling me that when you invest in the situation it affects your digestive tract. (True.) The more you invest in the situation, the sicker you become. (Also true.) The situation will take 2 years but in that time justice will be done so until then just try and put it aside.

Now as Rob pointed out this could be take a few different ways.

I could choose to rationalize it away. That she was vague and odds are if you involved in a legal battle for 7 years that the stress is going to get to you and the typical manifestation of that stress is usually acid reflux and the like. Also she didn’t specify that I would win in 2 years time, simply that justice will be done.

Or I could take the fun route and believe in it. Justice could be done in one of a zillion different ways. A judge could strip rights away. They’ve been MIA for nearly 3 and a half months and perhaps they never return. There could be heart attacks, OD’s, deadly DUI’s…anything could happen to bring justice to the situation. Justice could also come in the form of “Big Bubba” with the word “justice” tattooed across his chest. 😉 lol

I choose to believe that justice is in our favor because justice would protect people. She was right on with my health issues. It started with digestive tract (acid reflux) issues 5 years ago and it’s just gotten worse since then.

The way I see it those are my two options. I choose to take the ‘Believer’s Route’ and not rationalize her information away. Heck, I saw a psychic with my mom, aunts and cousin a few months before I got pregnant with Elliott Richard. I had just had a miscarriage and I asked her if I would get pregnant in the next 6 months and would I carry to term. She said I would get pregnant and everything would work out but she couldn’t tell me if it was full term or not. Sure enough 5 months later I’m pregnant with Elliott Richard (after being told I was infertile a month after meeting with the psychic) and everything worked out even though he wasn’t exactly full term. Some people have a gift and I choose to believe in that gift.