I wanted to try and post a few positive things since everything has been so doom and gloom lately.

This morning I was laying in bed enjoying a lazy Sunday morning snuggling with Elliott Richard. He was just laying snuggling and pulling on his earlobe, something he’s done since birth whenever he’s tired or really content, and I was lazily drawing figure 8’s on his leg. Finally I looked at him and asked him what he was doing, he looked at me, nose-to-nose, sighed and said, “Happy baby”. This is one of those moments that Mommies live for.

Then a little while ago the boys and I were relaxing watching some Noggin and playing with some toys while Daddy was out and about doing some running around. Elliott Richard got up to get a new toy and Gavin and I heard this deafening *CRASH*! Elliott Richard had pulled his toy shelf over. Luckily he didn’t get hurt at all. It just scared him more than anything. But Gavin was up out of his seat like a shot to make sure that his little brother was ok. He was in there, picking up the toy shelf (it weighes about 5 pounds), making sure Elliott Richard was ok and putting away all of the toys. It was sweet.

It’s good for my heart to see my babies taking care of and loving each other right now.