This past weekend ROCKED! It was freakin’ awesome. There are literally no other words for it. Gavin didn’t have school on Friday so Rob and I decided to FINALLY take that trip to the zoo that we’d been planning forever. (Pictures to follow.) While Gavin has been doing wonderfully since the visits have stopped (that’s another post in itself) we were still worried that we may be in trouble with this day trip but things went better than we could have asked for. Gavin was…perfect. In all honesty, perfect is really the only word that comes to mind. We bought him a hat to help with the sun. He wore it. When I explained he also needed sunblock – something he would normally fight me on – he allowed me to put it on him, even his FACE! He listened the first time, nearly every time. He didn’t take off. He didn’t throw any fits. He didn’t make demands. He had fun. He even went up and looked at the snakes – the one animal his terrified of – because he didn’t want to be afraid anymore. (sidenote: We did NOT suggest, encourage, nudge or other wise mention the snakes to Gavin. He wanted to looke at them.) Rob and I were pleasantly surprised by the day. Then when the day came to an end and Gavin and I were picking out prizes for everyone, he was helpful and understanding of the fact that he could not have the most expensive toys. He even helped me pick out mine and Elliott Richard’s!

I spent most of Saturday with my older sister Trisha. She went with me to have some bloodwork done. Fun fun. And then to continue on my quest for a pack of brown construction paper for my Christmas cards. I FINALLY found the silly paper. I honestly didn’t think it would be so difficult to find. I could find it online for $1.00 a pack, however, it was nearly $6.00 for shipping and handling!!!!! NO THANK YOU! I finally found it at a local teacher’s supply shop for $2.20 for 50 sheets. Wish I had thought to look there first. I would have saved a TON in gas! lol

Saturday night Rob and I were preparing for a “Date Night” – a VERY rare thing in our house – when my mom called. My Uncle Jim wasn’t doing very well. He has cancer (lung, bone, and kidney (or liver not sure)) and was recently admitted to an area hospital for pluisy, which is a side effect from his radiation treatment. Well she called to tell me that we wasn’t doing well and was admitted to the MICU – Medical ICU. She told me to enjoy my date night and she’d keep me updated. (Thanks Mom.) Rob and I dropped the boys off at his parents and went to dinner and decided to walk the mall and talk rather than go to a movie like we had planned. Overall it was fun. When we went to pick the boys up a childhood friend of Rob’s was at his parents so he got to spend a few hours catching up with him.

In the grand scheme of our lives, a pretty awesome weekend.