Good God life is crazy. I swear there are days when the crazy just seems to build up and wait…before it pounces on me! *BAM!*

Gavin is doing wonderfully in school. Elliott Richard is learning a new word every day or so, which just seems crazy fast to me. My first PTA meeting is tonight. Well, not my first one like I’ve never been to one before…my first one as the Co-Chair. Although honestly, I’m more the Only-Chair now.

My Co-Chair found out this summer that she is pretty sick with two different tumors…one in her brain and one in her spinal cord. She was doing okay last month but now it turns out that she has to have surgery in 2 weeks. I can’t even imagine. She’s having major surgery on her back to try and remove a tumor that has wrapped itself around her spinal cord. I worry that there really isn’t a positive outcome here beyond her survival. And I’m not sure that survival is much of future with a 6 year old (Gavin’s classmate which makes him Aspergers as well) and a 20 month old. I think if I were given a choice between “mere survival” and death…I would probably take death. I don’t want to be a spectator in my own life.