My cousin Samantha is currently VERY VERY pregnant. She is now 7 days overdue with her first baby. I made it 4 days overdue with my Squishie before I begged for mercy. Elliott Richard didn’t even make it to be full term and thusly ended up with his very first title of ‘preemie’.

It amazes me how things continually change. Seven years ago my docs were hesitant to allow me to go much past 4 days overdue. Luckily I was huge and ready to meet the stranger dictating life from within my own body.

Nearly 2 years ago, my OB and I were originally planning to induce me a week, maybe two before my due date to try and keep Elliott Richard from ending up as large as Gavin was since my first delivery was rather special (read that ‘difficult and bloodier than usual’). However, my OB said he definitely wasn’t going to allow me to go overdue.

The medical opinion towards induction seems to ebb and flow every few years from “it’s evil” to “everyone should be induced”. I wonder why that is?