Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor? lol I am a stay-at-home-mom with a (pretty severe) special needs 7 year old son {Gavin} and a non-stop, ‘grab the bull by the horns and tick him off to see what will happen’ 17 month old son {Elliott Richard}. Insomnia does not fit. And yet, here it is, staring me in the face every night. *sigh* It gives me plenty of time to think though.

For example, it has occured to me for the upteenth time how totally different my boys are from one another. Complete polar opposites.

Gavin is my nice and easy, by the book, safety freak. Granted part of that is probably due to his special needs, however, he’s always been that way. He’d rather be alone and build with Legos than socialize. He’s anxious most of the time. In his universe, rules were *not* made to be broken. And affection is only on his time table, done his way.. He kisses MY forehead before bed for crying out loud!

Elliott Richard is a whole nother story. He’s my snuggley little dare-devil. He likes to climb the stairs and then stop to peek over the side just to enjoy the view. In the land of Elliott, rules were not made to be broken…they were made to be obliterated and honestly, they shouldn’t have been made at all. There are very few foods he won’t eat, or at least try. When he’s in the mood to chill, he’ll just kick back (literally) and snuggle with the nearest adult. He’s not picky about who…he’s a bit of an affection whore that way. ‘Anytime anywhere anyone.’ lol