I will make this quick.

I am exhausted. I am a hormonal mess.

I got bored and permed my hair but didn’t cut it last night. I’m still getting used to it.

I go back to my rheumatologist on Friday. I’m excited but I’m not. I’m worried about what the blood tests results will show. Hubby is praying “it’s just your thyroid and a pill will fix it”. I don’t think he realizes that if it is my thyroid (or part of it) then it’s hyperthyroidism which means they’ll have to make me glow to kill off my thyroid before we begin the synthyroid dance. *sigh*

Our big city wide festival stuff is this week. Whole family is coming over for a cookout Saturday afternoon/night before the fireworks. I have a ton of cleaning to do and no energy to do it. Never mind my pain is through the roof for some reason today. This should be fabulous.

Gavin is spiralling again. His psychiatrist is on vaca until aug 13. He can’t see Gavin until Sept 6 because he’s booked solid once he gets home. Even his shrink agrees that we are loosing him again. (Thank you, Nick and Pam!)

Speaking of Nick, he got his 2nd DUI in the beginning of July. Went to his arraignment on July 10 and pled not guilty. Trial is Aug 7. He’s currently out of $2500 bail/bond. 3 guesses who posted it – you should only need 1. And speaking of Pam, she called the YWCA where the visits are moved to – as soon as Nick can get his head out of his *ahem* to set them up – and told the lady that she has taken over Nick’s life because he can’t even make a simple phone call anymore. I find it amusing and abso-friggin-lutely infuriating that Nick has suddenly taken such a nosedive only after we told him that Gavin qualified for MRDD. And they qualify you for MRDD by asking “can you do _______ without a reminder?” etc. someone please tell me how he plans to someday take care of a psychotic child if he can’t even take care of himself? I’m so sick of messing around with this him.