That is the theme for the day, imagine that. I mean honestly, what were the odds. lol

I spent the day up North at a Bridal Shower. Then on the way home our car broke down. Then we got it started again. (Yippee!) But it died. (Boo.) So Rob and Dad G. came and rescued us – me, Jen, Kate and Teri (three sisters-in-law), Elliott Richard and Mom G. (Yippee!) Now I’m home. And I’m sore…which is putting it lightly.

On the bright side, my sister Kate gave me my birthday gift early. She got me a a gift card to Olive Garden so that hubby and I could go on a date. (We’ve been on one in the 16 months since Elliott Richard was born. Yes, we are that sad.) She also got me two tickets (one for me and one for hubby) for the new Harry Potter flick! YIPPY!!! I get to see it Tuesday at midnight, which means yes, EXTRA EARLY!!! YEA BUDDY! 🙂

Here’s to hoping I recover from this shower by then. *crosses fingers*