I have the sinus infection that would.not.die! I feel horrible. I went to stat-care mini-hospital-wanna-ba yesterday for antibiotics and came home with horse pills. Apparently I waited too long and let things get a little out of hand. *shrugs* However, I don’t remember agreeing to trade-off the sinus headache that was threatening to blow the top of my head off for the nausea that could bring a yak to its knees. *sigh* Now its Easter Sunday and Gavin expects me to be happy and upbeat and blah blah blah…I just don’t have it. *blech*

On a side note, why when there is a mouse in my 103 year old house do my cats sleep round the clock and ignore it? But when there aren’t any mice and life is quiet, do they stalk through the house as if every shadow hides hundreds of the little buggers? My cats are morons.

Back to vegging in front of the tube…