Movin’ On (Round 2)

The time has come.

The time is now.

For me to be packin’ up and movin’ on.


You may remember that for my 30th birthday, which wasn’t at all scary by the way, Rob and our friend Stuart gave me my domain as a gift. (Thanks again guys!) And that my friends, my readers, followers, and family is where you will find all things good, bad and indifferent in the Land of Lizze. From this point hence, please follow the bouncing ball over to! 🙂


(Oh and please excuse the mess over there as I am still working to get things “just right”. Don’t you just love OCD? lol)

New home and new furniture

Rob and I have to find a new home, which has been far more difficult than one would think. What has been much easier than finding a new home is daydreaming about a new one. Or more specifically daydreaming about what it would be like to buy some actually new furniture for the house.

So I’ve been cruising through and trying to see what I could find that I liked. I keep finding myself looking at the…oddest things. Things I don’t need. But I’m drawn to them nonetheless. 🙂 (lol)

Like a bunch of glass dessert bowls. I don’t need any dessert bowls. Lord knows my Boys are Hell on glassware of any kind. (Not to mention the dog who has taken to breaking dishes to get at food. Because you know we starve her to death. *insert eye roll here*) But still I’ve been checking them out for some odd reason.

Or the comforter set burgundy, which okay I could actually use a new comforter set. Especially one that’s not a cheapie set from Wal*Mart or something. And yeah, burgundy would off-set the pink shade I want to paint the walls (if we end up stuck here) really well. But even though we need it, it’s not something we have to have, ya know?

And finally, there are these antique white nightstands, which honestly I don’t even know why I’m drawn them. We don’t need them. As of right now, I don’t have anywhere to place them. And the way I want to decorate our bedroom, they really wouldn’t fit in at all. But they are gorgeous in their own right.

Free Play Banner at Right

So you may have noticed that the banner at right has changed. It no longer has to do with the “Snack that Makes You Smarter”. Now it’s a banner for It’s a gaming site where you get to play for free!

It’s all pretty simple and straight forward.

  • You click the Banner on the Right.
  • That takes you to a Slot Machine type game, which you play.
  • You win points towards “Gift Shop Coupons”.
  • They also ask for a:
  • Username
  • Email address
  • First name
  • Then you click “PLAY FREE” and begin playing.
  • As long as you are a female, age 35 or over and live in the United States of America, I earn 70¢. I know it doesn’t sound like much and realistically it isn’t; however, if enough people click-through and qualify then it will add up. And that “adding up” could make all the difference at some point to my family. (Especially between my mounting medical bills and the gas prices now that we need to get Gavin up to Akron Children’s Hospital at least once a month for his infusions.)

    So yeah, if you could click-through, that would be amazing and we would appreciate it so much! (Or if you want to click one of the Banners below. Either one. 🙂 Thank you so much for your support!)

    Family favourites on satellite TV

    Thanks for the guest post by Neville Mcintyre

    Total entertainment via is the most amazing thing ever created and I can watch all my favourite programs and sitcoms through it. The amazing choices and quality allow perfect viewing opportunities at any time of the day or night. I work strange hours and the system allows me to catch up with programs I may of missed. I simply love watching the television and my all time favourite show Frasier is shown quite frequently. Frasier is about two pompous brothers Niles and Frasier whom are psychiatrist’s and Frasier has a radio show where he dispenses emotional treatment to his audience via the air waves.

    Niles, who is he younger brother and has an excellent character is married to a psychotic woman whom his brother has slept with once. This caused a few rifts within the family but all in good fun. The woman is strangely demented with a passion for the macabre. I can relate to this because of my mother-in-law whom is also a bit strange and possibly uses a broom stick to get around. The whole show is based on the lives of these two brothers and they actually are possibly in more need of psychiatric treatment than their patients. It’s an hillarious show from the beginning to the end and has me in fits of laughter.

    Kids’ chore charts

    Content by Sol Rosales

    My parents never really made me do chores around the house when I was growing up but once I got to college and had to clean my own toilet in my apartment and do household chores like that I wished that they had. One of my roommates laughed so hard when I asked them how you’re supposed to clean a bathroom. I don’t want that for my kids so I decided that I would make a chore chart for them to teach them some responsiblitiy.

    I went online to try and find some ideas on how to put a chore chart together, which I’ve never done before. As I was online searching for all of that, I ran across the website and decided to order one of the internet packages that I found on there for my home internet access.

    I found all kinds of cute ideas for kids chore charts, but I just decided to stick to something really simple because I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time just making the thing.


    School Days

    The article written by Landon Gilbert

    The kids are excited to get new clothing, but never excited to get back to school. We leave early in the morning, it usually takes most of the day. I get them fed and we set theAdt Alarm, then shopping here we come. My kids are older, in high school, and they have to have everything their way. They have to pick out everything. It has to be cool. The supplies are pretty easy to shop for we usually get them at Wal-Mart.

    Clothes and shoe shopping is next on our list. They spend hours in Brass Buckle choosing the right look. They have to have everything name brand and with the latest fashion styles. I end up getting them quite a few outfits. My daughter changes her mind so many times trying clothes on. We finally finish finding the right clothes, several hours later. Now it is time for the shoes. They usually get two or three pairs, and we get them at Payless Shoe Store. They always have some kind of Bogo deal that saves us some money. I am so relieved when they finally decide on everything they need. I do not have to worry about this for a while.

    The Grammy Awards

    This guest post from Lenny Mcknight

    I enjoy watching The Grammy Awards on cable when it comes on every year. This show can be a lot of fun for me. You get to see different kinds of performances. Some of these artists I would never get the chance to see perform at all if it wasn’t for this show. This show is great to watch and see who wins all of the different awards. The various artists perform. They usually wear elaborate outfits and have a lot of dancers with them. It is always a great show. I don’t know who a few of the artists are on there, but always have a great time watching them. Then I get really excited when my favorites or someone that I know very well is up to perform. This is one awards show that I never miss out on watching. I always have a great time when this one is on and even watch it with my daughters. The kids will get up and dance around the room having a fun time. I can’t wait for it to be on again.

    Check out the cool site

    We used to drive a nice Saturn L200 but honestly it was to small.  We were without a car when we lost it. My aunt and uncle gave us a Kia Sportage and that got a through some tough times. When the electrical system went completely nuts (apparently a known and non-repairable condition) we had to finally put her to rest. We are very grateful and lucky to have such generous family.  Then my parents fixed up their Chevy Lumina and gave that to us. We are currently still driving that. However, with the behavioral issues some of our kids have (namely Gavin) we have safety issues to worry about. So we are in the market for a new or nicely used mini-van. We have found that the pilot seats work out really well. The kids stay separated and are still easily accessible. Everyone has their space and we can even safely bring Maggie along for the ride.

    Right now it’s honestly probably smarter to start thinking about making the move. I have some pending maintenance that will need to be done in the near future. I looked a few of them up to get an idea of the cost involved and I found this site called I searched for things like oil change and found this Then I searched for tune up and found This is pretty cool because this site kind of breaks things down for you and helps you to estimate the cost and find a shop to have it done. You just put in your information like ”Houston auto repair” if you lived in Houston and you find this  Computers are my thing not cars so this was a nice find.

    Then I actually started playing around with the site and they even have car reviews, kind of like where regular people write the reviews based on personal experience. For example you could look up Acura Integra and find this In my case I used it t check out my future van the chevy venture it actually got great reviews